April 2, 2002

Microsoft asks the court to reconsider preliminary injunction ruling supporting Lindows.com

"Microsoft Corporation asked
a Seattle Court to reconsider a strongly-worded ruling upholding
Lindows.com's use of the terms "Lindows.com" and "LindowsOS."

The court's favorable ruling, issued on March 15, 2002, cites that
"Microsoft has raised serious questions about the validity of its
[Windows] trademark."

The suit, filed by Microsoft in December of 2001,
         sought to stop Lindows.com, a 30-person company that offers a
         Linux-based operating system, which runs popular Windows-based
         programs, from branding itself as Lindows.com. The March 15, 2002
         ruling can be read, in its entirety, at www.lindows.com/opposition.

         The Microsoft Corporation asked the court, in a 19-page document, to
         reconsider the ruling stating that the court reached "an incorrect
         result." Microsoft's motion for reconsideration can be read at

         Judge John C. Coughenour found in the preliminary injunction ruling
         that Microsoft had not shown that Lindows.com should be prevented from
         using the names Lindows.com and LindowsOS as part of their business,
         stating that, "The Court finds that Lindows.com has met its burden of
         proof in rebutting the validity of the Windows trademark."

         "Lindows.com supporters submitted thousands of references to windows
         spanning the last 20 years," said Michael Robertson, Chief Executive
         Officer of Lindows.com. "They helped build a strong foundation which
         the Judge relied on in his initial ruling. Microsoft's hundreds of
         attorneys and billions of dollars can't rewrite history and the fact
         that Windows is a generic term."

         "Microsoft's actions are attempts to belabor the outcome and drag our
         company through a lengthy and costly legal battle. We're looking
         forward to getting this issue in front of a jury and getting resolution
         in a manner which allows us to put a competitor on the store shelf
         which will cost a third or less of Microsoft's offerings," Robertson

         The Judge can deny the reconsideration motion or ask Lindows.com to
         file a legal brief in response. Microsoft has until April 15th to file
         an appeal on the Judge's initial ruling. The appeal, if filed, would be
         heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

         Lindows.com has released a Sneak Preview of LindowsOS to a select group
         of Insiders (www.lindows.com\insider). The Sneak Preview is not a fully
         completed product, but showcases many of the unique features such as a
         "Friendly-Install" alongside an existing Microsoft Windows operating
         system, a streamlined installation process which requires minimal
         computer knowledge, and the ability to run popular Windows-based
         programs. Version 1.0 will go on sale later this year for one-third of
         the cost of a comparable Microsoft offering. For more information see

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         About Lindows.com, Inc.

         Lindows.com is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users.
         Lindows.com, Inc. uses the latest technology to create affordable,
         stable, user-friendly products. Lindows.com, Inc. was started by
         Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of MP3.com. At the core of
         Lindows.com is a new operating system called LindowsOS, a modern,
         affordable, easy-to-use operating system with the ability to run both
         Microsoft Windows and Linux® software.
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