December 13, 2012

The most talented youth choose open source tools

open source tools

At my public library job, all day long I help people use the library's public access computers. At the end of a long day's work, I enjoy kicking back and listening to some YouTube music videos. One way I do this is to search YouTube for new Bob Dylan cover songs. I search YouTube for: Bob Dylan cover, this week.

Imagine my happy surprise to come across this fabulous multitrack video of Knockin on Heaven's Door. But wait a second, is that a Tux penguin poster hanging on the wall behind this musician? Indeed it is. Hmmm, was that poster placed there intentionally, or was it just an accident?

I just had to find out, so I asked by sending a message to the musician, Emily Fox. Emily replied that she is a devoted fan of open source software and used the OpenShot video editor to create this music video. Warms my heart to see some of the most talented of the younger generation choosing open source creative tools. This story doesn't end there, though...Read more at

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