December 22, 2001

Mozilla Milestone 0.9.7 browser-suite released

Author: JT Smith

From an anonymous reader: MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: "The Mozilla Organization released the Milestone 0.9.7 edition of its Mozilla browser suite earlier today -- on schedule this time. According to the release notes, Mozilla 0.9.7 sports a new ChatZilla release (8.5) and further implements some new features that were added in Mozilla 0.9.6 -- such as favicons (shortcut icons) and mail message labels. Much as with Mozilla 0.9.6, Mozilla Milestone 0.9.7 endured a clumsy branching. However, with Mozilla Milestone 0.9.7, the Mozilla folks were able to get Mozilla 0.9.7 out the door on schedule. Check this story for details and download links."
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