January 21, 2010

Mozilla Officially Releases Firefox 3.6

Following five betas, two release candidates and a number of delays, the Mozilla developers have officially announced the availability of version 3.6 of their open source Firefox web browser, code-named Namoroka. The latest major release is based on version 1.9.2 of Mozilla's Gecko web rendering platform and includes several improvements and a number of new features.

Firefox 3.6 features built-in support for Personas – lightweight "skins" that change the look of Firefox by changing the header and footer areas, and a new alert system that will warn users when their plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, are out of date. Scripts can now be run asynchronously to speed up page load times and the browser can detect the orientation of devices, such as MacBooks, using the device's built-in sensor. Other notable changes include support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies like the HTML5 File API, improved JavaScript performance – a 20% improvement over Firefox 3.5 – and the ability to display native video in full screen...

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