November 18, 2005

Need of a open database

Marcus Schiesser writes "Yesterday I tried for the first time the new "database for everyone" project from the well-known market leader of search engines. Great idea, I thought.

Only problem that I see is that the vision of a single company controlling the data of all people in the world seems more like a nightmare.

Ok, we are not that far, but just imagine. In my opinion this data should be owned by the creator or by the community and it should be only of their business what to do with it or not - more like the Wikipedia project.

By chance I just finished a database backend that supports changeable attributes during runtime that could be well used to build such a project. "So why not starting a real open web database project?", I thought.

So that's what I did yesterday - as the backend is finished a lot of work has been done already, altough I am looking for motivated people who want to participate.

So start changing internet history and join the team by visiting the projects' homepage

Thank you, Marcus"


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