November 1, 2005

New distro seeks hosting/mirrors.

davonz writes "_and_ is a up-and-coming Debian based Linux distribution which easily installs and runs in Microsoft Windows. _and_ utilizes many open source technologies like Cooperative Linux (core), Cygwin (tools), XMing (X), Debian (base) and several others. The aim is to create a simple installation for new users, developers and enthusiasts to install, test and use Linux on their existing Windows system without the need to repartition, setup boot loaders, use virtual machines or reboot. While not having the power of a full Linux installation, _and_ is a point-and-click setup which coexists nicely with Windows. _and is looking for donated hosting and mirrors for the distribution. _and_ is free to download and use, so this is not an out-for-profit style distribution and asking for donated services. Hopefully through donation and community support, _and_ will be able to sustain its hosting costs in the future.
If you can help with hosting/mirrors, please send an email to Please do not send questions about the distribution at this time. This is too small an operation with very ambitious goals and countless hours are being spent trying to get everything finished. Current goal is to release the first beta within 4 weeks and that may not be possible with hundreds of emails coming in, setting up hosting, finishing features and completing the installer."
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