March 21, 2005

New OpenNMS Stable Release Available

Dave Hustice writes "Newest Version Adds Features and Increased Scalability

Research Triangle, NC (February 11, 2005) â The OpenNMS ® Group has completed and packaged version OpenNMS 1.2 as the next stable release of OpenNMS â an enterprise grade open source network management platform -- in over two years.

âThe newest stable release has been met with great enthusiasm and excitement,â said Matt Brozowski, CTO of The OpenNMS Group. âThe development team has focused on making this release extremely stable and scalable by leveraging new Java development tools and techniques, other open source technologies, and the efforts of a very talented open source community.â

The new version features the following enhancements:

⢠Improved threading and queuing
⢠Improved memory usage
⢠99% pure Java application (ICMP poller is native)
⢠30 new reports, including performance, firewall, Cisco-specific, and foundry
⢠Support for HSRP
⢠Capable of status polling and SNMP data collecting over 200,000 interfaces in 5 minutes
⢠Improved installation

This release is truly an enterprise version explained Brozowski. âWith this newest stable release, it is now capable of supporting the largest enterprise users. It is much more reliable than ever before and we are seeing greater acceptance from the corporate community for open source technology that is truly scalable to match the size and sophistication of todayâs enterprise networks.â

âAdditionally, this is the first stable release created from a world-wide community of developers.â

âWe are seeing a greater acceptance of open source products in enterprise networks,â said David Hustace, President of The OpenNMS Group. âWe are experiencing over 4,000 downloads a month and consistently rank in the top ten percent of the projects on SourceForge.â

âOpenNMS provides us with a reliable, full-featured and scalable tool for
managing and monitoring our network nodes and services,â said Bill Ayres, Senior Network Engineer, Oregon State University. âAnd unlike proprietary solutions, we have the option of adding enhancements and customizing it to our specific needs.â Bill additionally says, âThe OpenNMS project is a very active one, and is well supported by both the user community and the OpenNMS Group. We've found the support to be far better than the support we received with our previous proprietary solution.â

John Jennery, IT Manager for the City of Grapevine, and new OpenNMS user says, âMy experience with OpenNMS and with the OpenNMS Groupâs services has been excellent. This product is stable, robust and flexible enough to handle all our monitoring needs.â

âTo use [HP] OpenView for [Rackspace] customers' servers was simply out of the question because the costs were too high. OpenNMS is a comparable open source free network monitoring tool. Rackspace purchases support [from] the maintainers of OpenNMS for just a few thousand dollars per year. Overall, the savings are quite dramatic." Eric Evans, Rackspace Managed Hosting,
LinuxWorld Magazine, (31 August 2004).

OpenNMS packages are available for the most popular Linux platforms as well as Sun Solaris 8 and 9. âWe are currently working to make the product one hundred percent Java making the build process only a matter of packaging and enabling support for Microsoft Platforms. As well, we are working to make the next stable release fully distributable with an integratorâs API and support for EJB 3.0,â said Hustace.â

The OpenNMS Group

The OpenNMS Group is made up of experienced network management professionals and software engineers with a passion for solving problems involving network management. This passion translates into superlative customer service for our clients.

Our open source professionals have held jobs with both traditional consulting firms and with commercial network management product vendors. Both types of companies suffer from flaws that make it hard to always deliver the best solution to the client, and this forms the basis of our philosophy.

For Further Information:

David Hustace
President, The OpenNMS Group, Inc."

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