New report reveals open source vulnerabilities are up by 50%


Open source components have become an integral part of today’s software applications — it’s impossible to keep up with the hectic pace of release cycles without them. As open source usage continues to grow, so does the number of eyes focused on open source security research, resulting in a record-breaking number of published open source security vulnerabilities in 2019.

One of the those research reports, conducted by WhiteSource, focused on open source security’s weakest and strongest points in the hopes of bringing some clarity to the fast-paced and complex space of known open source security vulnerabilities. According to the WhiteSource database, aggregated from the NVD, dozens of security advisories, peer-reviewed vulnerability databases, and popular open-source issue trackers, the number of disclosed open source software vulnerabilities in 2019 skyrocketed to over 6000 reported vulnerabilities.

[Source: DevOps Online]