Next Generation Linux Disaster Recovery Solution

ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd. writes “New Release of ShaoLin InfiniCluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator

(HONG KONG, 21 March 2005) – ShaoLin Microsystems, a leading provider of enterprise Linux utility computing, announced a new release of a robust yet affordable disaster recovery solution for Linux – ShaoLin InfiniCluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator. Designed to maximize application availability and data integrity for ensuring business continuity, ShaoLin InfiniCluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator together provide the most scalable and enterprise-class fault-tolerant solution with unique features.

“Traditional cluster management software which limited 16 or 32 cluster nodes are no longer able to cope with the trend of ‘scale-out’ model. Enterprises tend to have more servers instead of a big server. Now, ShaoLin InfiniCluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator fulfill their needs by providing limitless scalability and manageability of parallel multi-instance applications.” said David Chow, CEO of ShaoLin Microsystems. “We’re keen to build the fault-resilient clustering infrastructure that not only sustain businesses, but help companies grow and scale to infinite.”

ShaoLin InfiniCluster handles availability issues by maintaining system uptime, simplifying server consolidation and effectively managing applications. ShaoLin Volume Replicator provides reliable real-time data replication to remote sites. The seamless integration of ShaoLin InfiniCluster and ShaoLin Volume Replicator delivers a high availability disaster recovery solution for Linux with unmatched manageability which ensures critical applications and data are protected and recovered in any planned or unplanned downtime.

Key Features of ShaoLin InfiniCluster

  • ShaoLin General Parallel Cluster Infrastructure enables infinite number of cluster nodes without limitation on expandability
  • Supports a wide range of applications, including the next generation parallel multi-instance applications with specific Service Monitoring Agents
  • Automates availability requirements with policy-based failover, intelligent server workload and quality-of-service management
  • Allows faster recovery by only recovering applications that failed without full server shut-down
  • Provides reliable multi-channel kernel-based cluster communications
  • Manages multi-application in multi-cluster across sites through a single Java-based console

    Key Features of ShaoLin Volume Replicator

  • Replicates existing volumes between any storage hardware over any IP network
  • High performance and security over network with ShaoLin’s unique Kypertec data compression and encryption
  • Multi-path load-balanced and high-availability communication channel configuration
  • Enables fast and intelligent resynchronization by only replicating data blocks that changed
  • Uncompromised data integrity and maximum application performance with asynchronous replication
  • Allows infinite number of replication sites over any distance which supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one configurations

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