January 6, 2014

Nvidia's Tegra K1 Tablet Shows a Beautiful Future for Android Gaming

Nvidia's big announcement for CES 2014 was, as expected, the fifth generation of its Tegra mobile processor. It's such a momentous step forward for the company, however, that it's getting a whole new designation in being called theĀ Tegra K1. That's because it implements the Kepler architecture, which underpins Nvidia's desktop graphics card lineup, meaning you're literally getting desktop-class graphics technology in your mobile processor.

To demonstrate the prowess of the new K1, Nvidia has set up a number of customized Tegra Note 7 prototypes around the periphery of its press event. They include demos of the custom Unreal Engine 4 build of Trine, the highly impressive Digital Ira real-time face-rendering demo, and even a version of S...

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