OctetString Offers OSS SQL Directory Browser

Anonymous Reader writes “Leader in virtual directory technology significantly enhances previously donated JDBC-LDAP Driver with new graphical management & exploration tool.

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (January 11, 2005) — OctetString, the leader in virtual directory technology, has significantly enhanced the JDBC-LDAP Driver for V2.0, previously donated to the Open Source community, with an SQL Directory Browser that enables database administrators and application developers to use the SQL language to search and manipulate LDAPv3 directories.
        OctetString’s flagship software, the Virtual Directory Engine suite, uses LDAP to help IT workers manage the ever-widening array of Web-enabled enterprise applications across an increasingly complex landscape of user authentication and authorization issues. The challenge facing many of OctetString’s customers is bridging the gap between identity information in traditional directory infrastructure and identity information in databases.
        “The new SQL Directory Browser will be very useful to DBAs, application developers and others who are enhancing applications from using just database JDBC (SQL) code to include support for improved identity management leverage using LDAP,†said Clayton Donley, CTO and Founder of OctetString. “The SQL Directory Browser makes the JDBC-LDAP Bridge very accessible, very flexible and very easy to use.â€
        OctetString’s SQL Directory Browser provides administrators and developers with these capabilities:

• Search and update LDAP directories using SQL statements.
• Browse multiple directories using tabs.
• Connect to directories via SSL 4.
• Export search results to LDIF.
• View search results in either a table or tree.
• Save server connection information for multiple uses.

SQL Directory Browser and documentation is available at http://www.octetstring.com/products/BridgeDriver.p hp for a free download.

The JDBC-LDAP Bridge Driver has been available to the Open Source community through OpenLDAP (www.openldap.org) since October 16, 2002. To date, OctetString reports more than 11,000 downloads of the driver from its Web site – not including CVS source downloads available through OpenLDAP.

About OctetString, Inc.

OctetString (www.octetstring.com) provides rapid deployment directory light-weight service solutions for large companies that need to access identities from multiple repositories and share data among numerous applications and platforms without compromising data integrity or incurring additional infrastructure costs. OctetString’s flagship software suite, Virtual Directory Engine (VDE), accelerates deployment of secure business applications by simply and dynamically connecting and transforming available information among internal systems. Companies efficiently add new capabilities using existing systems as leverage and accelerate the return on their investments in enterprise applications. OctetString serves an international clientele, including five companies listed on the Fortune 50, as well as several European government agencies. OctetString is based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Reach OctetString toll-free in North America at 866.868.8882. International callers dial +1 847.358.9358.”

Link: octetstring.com