The Open Container Initiative Launches Version 1.0 of Its Container Specs


It took a while, but the Open Container Initiative (OCI) today announced the launch of the 1.0 versions of both its container runtime and image specs for software container. The two-year-old open source foundation was established by Docker and other leaders in the container ecosystem to be the guardian of exactly these specifications, which are basically the industry standards for container formats and runtimes.

Docker kicked off much of the work on these specs when it donated the codebase of its container runtime to the OCI. Over time, the technical community also added a spec for the container image format to the project as well. Today, the OCI has over 40 members, which include virtually every major tech company that plays in the cloud space (think AWS, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat and VMware) as well as a number of container-focused startups like Rancher and Wercker.

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