Open source Ohioedge CRM Gains Momentum!

Anonymous Reader writes “With over 10,000 downloads within the first three months of its release, Ohioedge CRM is on its way to becoming a dominant force in the Web-enabled, J2EE-based open source Enterprise CRM space for the SMB market.

“Up until now, Web-enabled, J2EE-based CRM solutions were typically affordable only to $500M and up organizations. Ohioedge CRM is changing that big time,” explains Sandeep Dixit, the founder of Ohioedge, “with this industry-strength, robust and quality Enterprise CRM software available at no-charge, a great number of SMBs are now downloading and using Ohioedge CRM on a daily basis. And the rate of success is phenomenal, almost 100%! Why not? First, it adds up to your organization’s bottom-line (by not spending thousands of dollars on a proprietary Enterprise CRM products) and second, it helps SMBs become productive by enabling enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation and fulfillment activities. And if in case a company happens to find it unsuitable for its environment, no problem, not a penny spent!”

Ohioedge is making it even easier for SMBs to benefit from this great product. On March 25, Ohioedge launched a free ASP service – – targeted to SMB market. With a nominal one-time setup fee, SMBs can use Ohioedge CRM ASP Shared service at no-charge and as long as they want to use it – never-expiring! There are no monthly fees, no contracts to sign, no surprise invoices. “We are building our revenue model around the work “we” do, such as data export, reports, charts, training, documentation, etc.” explains Sandeep Dixit.

What can Ohioedge CRM do for you? Find out for yourself by simply taking a test drive at