January 20, 2007

OpenClinica documentation now available via wiki

Steve Glines writes "CAMBRIDGE, MA — January 22, 2007 — Akaza Research announces the OpenClinica® wiki. A wiki enables documents to be written and maintained collaboratively by a community using a simple markup language and a web browser. The OpenClinica wiki contains documentation, manuals, QA materials, development roadmap, and other items pertaining to the open source project.

A wiki allows technical information to be kept up to date and new information to be disseminated instantaneously. As such, the OpenClinica wiki is a powerful new way to deliver useful materials to the OpenClincia community and engage community members in the content creation process. The OpenClinica wiki is freely available to the public. Registered users and developers are able to contribute to this community driven project through the wiki’s web interface.

“The OpenClnica wiki helps address the problem of static documentation inherent in traditional methods of content publishing and distribution,” said Benjamin Baumann, Vice President of Business Development at Akaza Research. “By utilizing wiki technology, users and developers can quickly update documentation and FAQ’s, providing near real-time information to the OpenClinica community,” he continued, “The wiki aids adopters of OpenClinica and allows our user community to participate more in the development of OpenClinica.”

“OpenClinica’s rapid pace of development coupled with a quickly growing user community underlies the need for a faster and more effective way to collaborate and transfer knowledge,” said Cal Collins, CEO of Akaza Research, “the introduction and use of a wiki was the perfect solution.” The wiki is accessible at http://www.openclinica.org/dokuwiki/.

About Akaza Research

Akaza Research, a leading provider of open source clinical trial software, is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Akaza has developed and commercialized OpenClinica, the preeminent open source clinical trial data collection and management software platform. Akaza brings Open Source Software solutions into the mainstream of the clinical research enterprise by making high quality, standards-based systems accessible for private and public research. Akaza Research provides support, training, and consulting services to its customers worldwide. See www.akazaresearch.com.

About OpenClinica

OpenClinica™ is an open source web-based software platform that enables sponsors and investigators to manage clinical research data in multi-site studies. It facilitates protocol configuration, design of case report forms, electronic data capture, and study/data management.
OpenClinica supports HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines and is designed as a strictly standards-based, extensible, and modular platform. OpenClinica v2.0 was released in November 2006 under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). See www.OpenClinica.org."

Link: akazaresearch.com

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