June 11, 2009

Penguin Computing Announces New Addition to Altus Server Series

Article Source insideHPC
June 11, 2009, 12:30 pm

Penguin Computing today announced the latest addition to its Altus series of servers.Â¬â  The latest in the series will feature AMDâÃôs six-core Opteron processor, codenamed âÃúIstanbul.âÃÃ¹Â¬â  The complete upgrade to Altus includes the Altus 1701 and 2701 dual-processor enterprise servers, the Altus 1702 twin-node HPC server and the Altus 2704 quad-socket enterprise server.

We are excited to provide this new family of Altus servers to our HPC customers,âÃù said Jussi Kukkonen, director of hardware product management at Penguin Computing. âÃúDistributed applications will benefit greatly from the 50 percent increase in core count and physical density, while HT Assist boosts the RAM performance for our customerâÃôs large, memory hungry applications...âÃù

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