September 21, 2015

Pico Cassettes Are Retro Game Cartridges For Your Phone

picoSmartphones now come with vast amounts of storage â if you're willing to pay extra, at least â and the thought of using physical media with one sounds anachronistic in the extreme. But Japanese startup Beatrobo thinks that we've lost something in the transition, and has produced the Pico Cassette to fill in the blank: it's a video game cartridge that you can plug into your phone's headphone jack.

"Sure, you can get Chrono Trigger on your iPhone," Beatrobo founder and CEO Hiroshi Asaeda told me at Tokyo Game Show. "But it's just not the same." Asaeda believes that you don't get the same sense of ownership with an app on a homescreen as you did with a SNES cartridge on yourself; Pico Cassettes are meant to spark a similar nostalgic...

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