Pixel 4 gets automatic robocall screening, improved location accuracy, and more


If Google’s Pixel 4 is your daily driver, good news: It’s now able to screen robocalls — and more. Google announced this morning an update to the Pixel 4’s Call Screen feature in the U.S. that automatically declines calls from unknown parties and filters out suspected robocallers, alongside an improved video calling experience on Duo, the rollout of the new Google Assistant to more users, and a zippier software experience made possible by memory usage optimizations.

On the subject of Duo, Google’s cross-platform video chat app, it auto-frames faces to keep them centered during conversations even as subjects move around. Plus, playback of calls is smoother than before thanks to an AI model that predicts the likely next sound and helps to keep the conversation going with minimum disruptions.

[Source: VentureBeat]