Red Hat CTO Talks About Red Hat’s Future At IBM


In a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), Red Hat CTO Wright dishes on open-source and the future of Red Hat products and technologies with IBM. Responding to a question about Red Hat’s products being lost in IBM the way Sun’s programs were after its acquisition by Oracle, Wright said: “Red Hat remains an independent entity, and we continue to do what we do best: engage with customers, partners, and open-source communities to build open-source solutions.  Those solutions focus on our hybrid cloud strategy. A key part of the acquisition is for IBM and Red Hat to work closely together to advance our customers’ journeys to an open hybrid cloud. You’ve seen mention of IBM’s plans to use Red Hat platforms as part of their offerings, so this is the other key piece here.  We stay independent, we share a vision, and IBM is building from our core platforms.” (Source: ZDNet, Reddit )