Red Hat Linux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a leader in the development of
Linux-based operating system (OS) software and services. Based in Durham, N.C., Red Hat builds Red Hat Linux which is available for Intel, Compaq
Alpha and Sun SPARC platforms.

Red Hat Linux

Well known as a stable and robust operating system, Red Hat Linux is flexible enough for almost any computing need from a simple workstation
to server.

Why Red Hat?

Red Hat gives you open source solutions. Red Hat Linux is completely open source, and Red Hat provides the services, support, partnerships,
consulting, training and updates to fit your needs. Working together with the Linux community, Red Hat believes that open software can change the
dynamics of software development.

Open Source

As a member of the Linux Development community, Red Hat contributes to Linux innovation with technology like the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM), Disk
Druid partitioning tool, and GNOME. Red Hat is committed to open source and is committed to incorporating standards that adhere to open source into
Red Hat Linux.


What’s an operating system without applications? Where’s the Office Suite? Where’s the software you need for your server? In addition to the tons of
applications like Apache, samba, sendmail and others that are included with Red Hat Linux, Red Hat also partners with companies such as Oracle, IBM,
and many others to bring their applications to Linux.

In addition to partnering to bring these applications to you, Red Hat also offers you a chance to try out these applications as they become available.
Packaged in the Official Red Hat Linux product is a CD-ROM with over 40 applications to sample.
It is labeled “Linux Application Library” and contains software from companies like Star Division (StarOffice), Applix (Applixware Office Suite), EST
(BRU Back up and Restore utility), and many others. For a complete listing of what is on the current CD, see the listing at


If you’re deploying Red Hat Linux in serious environment or just need to talk to someone on the phone, Red Hat offers support services at practically
every level. From pay per incident to customized support contracts, Red Hat stands behind Red Hat Linux.

Training and Certification
Whether you’re an experienced Linux user wanting to become certified or just starting out and need a course in the basics, Red Hat offers a wide
variety of
training courses.

Wide Availability

Need to pick up the latest copy of Red Hat Linux? Prefer to buy pre-installed? If you have no money or tons of money, you have a choice of how to get
Red Hat Linux. Download from, buy from a local retailer, get a system from a local reseller, or go to one of our partners who have

certified systems
for Red Hat Linux.
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