Yellow Dog Linux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

Yellow Dog Linux takes advantage of the most current, stable,
and secure Linux kernel and libraries, and best of all, some of the fastest hardware on the planet — Apple G3s, G4s and PowerPC computers (including
IBM RS/6000 model B50 (“Pizzazz”), F50, and 43P-150.) Linux is similar to MacOS, Windows 98, or NT in that it is an operating system. The operating system is the very lowest-level program that runs on a
computer–it launches and manages all of the other programs. The OS also manages memory, network(s), and files.

Linux is unique from other operating systems, however, in that the Linux source code (the underlying “stuff” that makes it all work) is freely
available to anyone with minimal restrictions on how it is to be copied or used. This has several practical advantages:

  • Bug-fixes are quick. You, the end user, are not dependant on a single corporation to fix a problem. Since anyone in the world has access to the
    code, the problems are quickly fixed and made available again, for free.

  • Linux will be around for a very long time. It may change, grow, expand, but it will most likely never die. No corporation (even Microsoft)
    can halt the production of Linux as everyone has the opportunity to advance Linux, to help it become better than it was. Linux users will never be in
    the position of finding that their OS has been discontinued nor is no longer supported.

  • Linux development is driven by “what is best,” not by “what will make us the most money.” Most commercial software development is driven first and
    foremost by marketing, resulting in “bells and whistles” that offer more “features” than function. Because Linux development is not tied to a single
    corporation (much less a single marketing department) it is made to simply “work well” above all else.

Linux is a robust, mature, powerful operating system. It is quickly become the most preferred, most used operating system in the world.

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And one of the most professional Linux distributions available for any platform, Champion Server 1.1 offers improvements and updates both anticipated
and unexpected, including Netscape, 10/100Mb ethernet, simplified X setup, and improved support for iMacs, Blue & Whites, and the ’99 “bronze
keyboard” PowerBook G3s and older Apple PowerPCs. Yellow Dog also supports the IBM RS/6000 models B50 (“Pizzazz”) and 43P 150, and currently supported
only in “unimode”, the F50.

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Yellow Dog Linux Gone Home will offer an unparalled ease-of-installation, ease-of-use, and the same qualities of Champion Server: stability, security,
and speed. A robust replacement for antiquated desktop operating systems, Gone Home will meet the needs of home and office users. Terra Soft is
committed to the open source model so we will be releasing all of the technologies that we introduce with Gone Home under the GNU General Public
License (GPL).

Based out of Loveland, Colorado, Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. maintains the design and business philosophy that there is nothing else we’d rather
. Software development is not about throwing a bunch of code and a price tag on a CD. It’s about research, commitment, enthusiasm, and an
attempt to do the best we can.

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