Red Hat’s Serverless Blockchain Future Powered by Open Source Innovation


On the final day of the Red Hat Summit last week, Red Hat CTO Chris Wright presided over the closing keynotes where he outlined how his company innovates and hinted at multiple future product developments.

“Innovation in the enterprise is about adapting to change without compromising the business,” Wright said.

Wright added that at the core of modern innovation is the Linux operating system. Whereas a decade or more ago, Linux was sometimes seen as a follower in terms of innovation, at this point in 2018 it’s clear Linux is now where new innovations, be it cloud, blockchain, serverless or Artificial Intelligence (AI), are built upon.

Looking deeper than just Linux is the open-source community that enables it, as well as a vast landscape of project code. Wright said Red Hat’s role when it comes to developers is to help provide them with tools and techniques to provide business value as code….

Among the emerging areas of technology innovation that Red Hat is now working on is serverless, which is also sometimes referred to as Functions as a Service (FaaS). Red Hat is now working on a project called OpenShift Cloud Functions.

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