Review of ‘Eclipse Cookbook’

TBR writes “Steve Holzner, author of O’Reilly’s introductory book on Eclipse, returns with the Eclipse Cookbook to help developers get the most of one of the premier development environments. Taking a task oriented approach, the book covers all they key areas of Eclipse and then some.

Starting with the absolute basics – downloading and installing – the book moves on very quickly to answer most of the questions that a new user inevitably asks when faced with Eclipse. The first chapter covers basic skills, which in this case means learning to navigate the multiple perspectives that the IDE offers, learning to create Java classes, edit, run and debug code.
The second chapter looks in more detail at navigating the different perspectives, views, options, toolbars and the rest. The emphasis is on how Eclipse works in terms of the different components on the screen. This is fairly standard stuff that can be picked up just through using the IDE, but it’s good to have it down on paper in one place.”