October 27, 2003

SCO attempting to mislead judge?

Anonymous Reader writes "Groklaw's latest story on the ongoing SCO vs IBM saga, points to a number of serious inconsistencies between the text of SCO's motion (which alleges IBM is misleading the court) and facts already in evidence (not to mention SCO's public statements).

PJ, author of GROKLAW concludes "Normally, when I write about the SCOSaga, I try to be entertaining, but I have to confess to being old-fashioned enough that I can't find anything funny or witty to say about this story. You just don't mislead a judge. I'm shocked, actually. Not in the Casablanca-I'm-shocked-shocked kind of way. I mean I'm really stunned by the slide comparison. I keep thinking, maybe I've misunderstood. Maybe it's written so sharply I've missed something. It's possible. I actually hope so.""

Link: groklaw.net


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