Self Contained Systems (SCS): Microservices Done Right


Everybody seems to be building microservices these days. There are many different ways to split a system into microservices, and there appears to be little agreement about what microservices actually are – except for the fact that they can be deployed independently. Self-contained Systems are one approach that has been used by a large number of projects.

What are Self-contained Systems?

The principles behind Self-contained Systems (SCSs) are defined at the SCS website. Self-contained Systems have some specific characteristics:

  • Each SCS is an autonomous web application. Therefore it includes the web UI as well as the logic and the persistence. So a user story will typically be implemented by changing just one SCS even if they require changes to UI, logic and persistence. To achieve this the SCS has to have its own data storage so each SCS can modify its database schema independently from the others.


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