August 2, 2006

Software in the Public Interest announces Board changes

Software in the Public Interest is pleased to announce that it has appointed
new Officers following the election of three new members to the board of

In a board meeting on 1st August, the board elected Bdale Garbee as
President, Michael Schultheiss as Vice President, Neil McGovern as Secretary
and Josh Berkus as Treasurer of the board.

For the results of the latest vote for seats on the SPI Board of Directors,
David Graham, former SPI board secretary, announced that a total of 125 people
cast ballots in this election, which is 33 % of all eligible voters.

Candidates Josh Berkus, Neil McGovern and Michael Schultheiss were duly
elected on Saturday morning, following two weeks of nominations, and two weeks
of voting. They take over from John Goerzen, Benjamin Mako Hill and Bruce

SPI would also like to thank Bruce Perens and Joerg Jaspert for offering their
services to the community by running in this election.

We would like to thank John, Benjamin and Bruce for their hard work over their
terms of office and welcome the new members to the board.

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SPI is a non-profit organization which was founded to help organizations
develop and distribute open hardware and software. We encourage programmers to
use the GNU General Public License or other licenses that allow free
redistribution and use of software, and hardware developers to distribute
documentation that will allow device drivers to be written for their product.

SPI was incorporated as a non-profit organization on June 16, 1997 in the state
of New York. Since then, it has become an umbrella organization for projects
from the community.

Further information about SPI can be found at, or by
emailing the press team at

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