StreakDroid 1.9.0 Takes Dell Streak Own3rs to the Frontier



Fans of rooting the Dell Streak are likely familiar with the efforts DJ_Steve, a tenacious phone enthusiast with a penchant for keeping the tablet at its bleeding edge. To the uninitiated, this five-inch smartphone is enjoying an underground renaissance, thanks in large part to the hacked ROMs known as StreakDroid. Even while Froyo has been available officially from Dell for some time now, the aforementioned spinner got it there first. Releasing a tireless flurry of updates since then, StreakDroid now sits at version 1.9.0. Dubbed ‘The Final Frontier,’ DJ_Steve’s latest release brings Android version 2.2.2 to the Streak, along with a more polished, heretofore unreleased version of Dell’s Stage UI. Additionally, users are now given the option to select a default launcher before installation, with LauncherPro, Stage UI, and Gingerbread’s launcher available for the choosing. Issues of a flaky accelerometer are documented in the release notes, though initial user reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Streak hackers, get your download on in the source below, and let us know how this particular mix resonates with you.

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