announces first open source MPEG 1 Java audio/video player


Author: JT Smith, an open source community, today
announced the release of the world’s first nonproprietary, MPEG-1,
Java-based audio/video player.

The player and source code are available at:

"The goal of is to build a streaming video player that works
on 96% of all browsers," said Alan Blount, driver of
initiative. "The player is the first non-proprietary, open-source video
player that plays directly out of a web page without a download or
According to Jon Orwant, CTO of O?Reilly & Associates, Inc.,"SurePlayer has
the potential to be the most widely deployed video player on the Internet.
Finally, users can watch video in their web browsers as easily as they can
read text. It's about time."

SurePlayer is offered under the GNU General Public License. The source code
along with sample video demos are freely available at:

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