January 22, 2002

TalkTech meets Slashdot

Author: JT Smith

Colleenallcarz writes: "For those of you just tuning in, welcome to TalkTech, a new radio show with its own take on the talk of technology. Join hosts, Colleen Nagle and Karen Brophy this week talking to Slashdot's Jeff Bates about open source, community publishing, and much more!TalkTech - it's a twist on CarTalk, but it's got its own beat and measure. It's kind of like hiphop for white guys spazzed-out on caffeine. The show spins nouns like XML, Perl, and PHP, throws around verbs like obfuscation, execute, compile. And whispers dirty words like Microsoft.

Each week, TalkTech focuses on relevant issues in technology and the Internet through interviews, news, tips, advice, contests, and commentary. The TalkTech Team has already lined up a series of interviews with Internet pioneers, Open Source wizards and Security gurus. Our guests have included Neopets.com, the largest entertainment site on the web; Tim Witham, Director of the Open Source Development Lab (osdl.org), and Robin Gross, Intellectual Property Lawyer from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff.org). TalkTech will speak to anyone about communications technology - from industry leaders, to hard-core open source developers, to artists about the impact this new medium is having on the lives of the American people and the world.
TalkTech will bring its audience answers to any of their pressing questions. The hosts come armed with a passion for helping users make the best decisions about their business or personal technology purchases, and are constantly searching for those companies who are focused on providing valuable products and services to their customers. This season, TalkTech focuses its attention on topics like the economy, politics, privacy, intellectual property, developer culture, civil liberties, consumer advocacy, home computing, and security.

Got a question you want answered? Call us, we?ll get someone on the line or through email to answer!
TalkTech, open_radio.
For information: http://www.talktech.org
Contact: talk@talktech.org
(interview spots available starting in February 2002)"

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