November 1, 2005

TechBookReport on 'Learning Java'

TBR writes "With this third edition of 'Learning Java', Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen have updated their comprehensive introduction and tutorial to cover the full range of Java 5.0 features, Eclipse 3.x, NetBeans 4.x, the Java Web Services Developer Pack and more. While this means that the book weighs in at a hefty 954 pages, it does provide a comprehensive single volume that covers a very wide range of material. Add to this a bundled CD that includes J2SE 5.0, NetBeans, Eclipse, Ant, Tomcat and the Beanshell scripting shell and you have an excellent package that provides the reader with a range of tools and topics for learning all aspects of Java. However, page count and a packed CD count for nought if the quality of the writing isn't up to scratch. And it has to be pointed out that the 'introduction to Java' market is a crowded one, with a host of excellent titles available (with the best of these listed in our Java book recommendations)."



  • Java
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