Top 5 Open Source Serverless Security Tools


The growing popularity of serverless architecture has led to its massive adoption. My organization has jumped on the serverless bandwagon and it lives up to expectations. The advantages have been tremendous—we have more time to focus on the development, marketing and deployment of the software now that we need not spend much time on infrastructure maintenance.

But with that, I’ve always been somewhat concerned about security. As soon as we made the transition to serverless, I began researching ways to ensure maximum security. The numbers were unbelievable when it came to cyberthreats, from DDoS attacks and data injections to business logic manipulations. Just refer to the OWASP list of top 10 threats and you’ll know how much ground there is to cover. That is the reason why we turned to numerous tools and resources in the market—especially open source—to help in our security. They can save a lot of time on manual maintenance of the system.

[Source: Security Boulevard]