November 18, 2005

TYPO3 version 3.8.1 released

Michelle Heizer writes "TYPO3 version 3.8.1 – Association improves security with new release

Rolla, MO (November 14, 2005) -- Today, the TYPO3 Association has published a maintenance release of the internationally recognized open-source content management application, TYPO3, with version 3.8.1.

Apart from smaller optimizations in the graphical interface, the emphasis of this update lies in precautions against and patching of recently reported security issues. Safety precautions were added including the addition of safeguards in the "Install Tool" to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining information and data about the server. Also, patches were added in version 3.8.1 in response to recently published potential safety concerns with Web site forms, such as two theoretical possibilities to transfer unwanted content into TYPO3 Web sites.

While the TYPO3 Security Team was preparing this release, it was again confirmed that the TYPO3 core could not be touched by these much discussed safety breaches caused by third-party protocols like XML-RPC.

Although TYPO3 version 4.0 is expected to be released soon, with this update, the TYPO3 Core Development Team has proven once again their professionalism and it shows in the quality of TYPO3. Rapid reaction to security issues reported by members of the TYPO3 community is just one of the many quality controls incorporated in this open-source project.

TYPO3 release update 3.8.1. is available as a free download on Installation tips can be found at y/doc_inst_upgr/ , release information at ures-in-typo3-381/.

About TYPO3
TYPO3 is an enterprise-level open source content management system released under the GPL. It runs on more than 122,000 servers worldwide. The application has been translated into 41 languages and is actively being developed in a community of over 20,000 users in 50 countries. Some of its users include DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, EDS, UNESCO, as well as numerous universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations. For additional information on TYPO3, please visit

Michelle Heizer
United States TYPO3 Representative
TYPO3 Association"


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