Uber open-sources Piranha, a tool that automatically deletes stale code


Uber today made available in open source Piranha, a tool that automatically deletes stale and unused code from app codebases. The company says it eliminates the need for engineers to engage in the task of code removal themselves, which often prevents them from working on newer features.

Concretely, Piranha could help businesses that maintain apps speed up their development lifecycle, which in turn could cut down on costs and improve end-user experiences. “At Uber, we use feature flags to customize our mobile app execution, serving different features to different sets of users. These flags allow us to, for example, localize the user’s experience in different regions where we operate and, more importantly, to gradually roll-out features to our users and experiment with different variations of the same functionality,” wrote Uber in a blog post.

[Source: VentureBeat]