January 10, 2008

Ultumix Ultimate Edition

Ultimix Ultimate Edition is the Ultimate Linux Distribution and it's not bloated. It still runs at top speed as long as you have enough free hard drive space for it. To install Ultumix Ultimate Edition you will need to read the ReadMe file included in this torrent first and you will need to make 2 DVDs because this distribution contains the top 21 Games of 2007 and yes they all work as long as you install your 3D drivers. There is even a tool to do that too.

After you make your two DVDs from the .iso files you will need to put the tar.gz that is included on a jump stick or another DVD and copy it to the desktop and extract it as is. This will give you 4 additional games including America's Army, Second Life, and others. This file also contains icons for games that will be installed after installing the 2nd DVD.

Also we worked very hard to make sure that this Distribution was as easy to use as possible for the Windows User so you will find instructions on how to set up printers, and other things in the Read Me file as well. If you open the .pdf version you will be able to click a link that will take you directly into the CUPS printing system.

We also included Cinelerra in both the Standard and Ultimate versions which seems almost impossible to install in Mint but we did it.

The secret to re mastering this distribution was tricky. First of all you can't have a single file over 4 GBs on the .iso for a DVD and that means you can't put Ultimate Edition on a single DVD. So we broke it up by uninstalling the largest unnecessary packages and writing them down. Next we cleared the cash in the synaptic and then we tar.gzed the MoreGames folder on the desktop that we put the rest of the games in that could not be installed via .deb packages. Then we deleted the More Games folder and copied moved the tar off of the computer. Now we finally made the first DVD. After that we added the files we removed and created a package backup DVD with a Meta Package on it. We then took all the .isos and other files and put them in a directory on an external hard drive and hooked them to this computer and that is what you are downloading. It has all been tested and works and has an md5 sum file as well for both DVD isos. The first iso is about 3.5 GBs and the second is under 1.9 I believe. The tar.gz file is under 1.9 as well but expanded will be 3. something.

Link: mindblowingidea.com


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