The Use Cases for Blockchain, Real and Hypothetical


Blockchain has finally gotten over the Wall Street hump. Now that BitCoin and Ethereum are essentially old news, the actual technology behind these commodities is beginning to trickle into real-world enterprise applications. Blockchain, it seems, has many useful use cases out there in the business world, and with the help of the Linux Foundation and IBM, enterprises can now take advantage of the open source Hyperledger implementation of blockchain technology.

On today’s episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast recorded live at OSCON 2018, Klint Finley, a reporter with Wired and the author of the “Wired Guide to Blockchain,” said that he had a few real and hypothetical use cases the piece he wrote a few months ago. “Blockchain feels like the thing that is the hardest to parse the value out of the hype. With cloud computing, it was clearly an enormously hyped concept, but there were use cases and benefits. With big data it was coming out of actual real use cases at places like Google and Yahoo! With the Internet of Things, that’s probably the least well established of those at this point, but there are still established use cases for that. With blockchain it feels really preliminary,” said Finley.

Tracy Kuhrt, community architect at the Hyperledger Project at The Linux Foundation, pointed out a few of the current use cases for Hyperledger, however. 

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