April 19, 2004

VeriSign Issues Alert on Massive New Worm Targetting SSL Servers

"It would appear as if we are bearing witness to a broad-reaching reconnaissance scan to discover open SSL servers, followed by targeted
denial-of-service attacks against some of those servers," Karen McGuirk, media relations specialist for VeriSign. told TechNewsWorld.

An increase in suspicious activity this weekend has Internet security experts bracing for what some analysts warn could be the next big worm attack worldwide. Virus monitors spent this
past weekend watching an increased level of activity that experts said could be the start of a Blaster-like attack.

A spokesperson for VeriSign engineers told TechNewsWorld late Friday that new
exploits were possible for the ASN.1 and LSASS buffer overflow vulnerability in Windows machines0.

"At this point, we can report that we are seeing a statistical deviation in normal traffic patters, and we have identified multiple exploits in the
wild," said Karen McGuirk, media relations specialist for VeriSign. "Although these exploits have not materialized into a worm, with the information
we have today, an attack early next week is likely," said McGuirk.

Link: technewsworld.com


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