Video: Linux Kernel Developers Greg Kroah-Hartman and Ted Ts’o Discuss Software Freedom


Software Freedom Law Center, the pro-bono law firm led by Eben Moglen, Professor of law at Columbia Law School and the world’s foremost authority on Free and Open Source Software law held its annual fall conference at Columbia  Law School, New York on Oct. 28. The full-day program featured technical and legal presentations on Blockchain, FinTech, Automotive FOSS and GPL Compliance by industry and community stalwarts.

Linux kernel developers Greg Kroah-Hartman from The Linux Foundation and Ted Ts’o from Google sat down with the SFLC‘s Legal Director Mishi Choudhary at Columbia Law School to discuss issues around building community with for-profit and non-profit entities. This conversation was part of the session on GPL Compliance Without Blood, Sweat or Tears. Watch the Q&A in the video, below.