What do we owe Eazel?


Author: JT Smith

From a column at LinuxPlanet: “In the process of linking to a story in SFGate about Eazel’s financial problems, a Slashdot editor suggested the
company might want to open a PayPal account to take donations (or contributions, or whatever it would be legal for
a private company to accept) to prolong its life … In short order, Eazel co-founder Bart Decrem did just that, saying ‘we have set up a Paypal account. If you’re a
happy user of Nautilus or Eazel’s services, or just want to make a contribution to support us, please send payments to
paypal@eazel.com.’ On the Nautilus mailing list, Darin Adler confirmed the authenticity of the account, sparking a
brief discussion of how the money would be handled.”


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