Why a popular open source library became closed source and commercially licensed


In May this year, users of popular open source project FUSE for macOS noticed the source code for the latest update was missing. The project had become closed source and was no longer free for commercial use. But as The Reg discovered when we had a talk with its maintainer, there was a very good reason for that – and it’s not a good look for the many companies that used it.

FUSE stands for File System in Userspace and lets developers create a custom filesystem without writing code for the kernel. FUSE has a long history. It was created for Linux and ported to other Unix-like operating systems including FreeBSD and OpenSolaris. In 2007, Google released a port for Mac OS X as open source. In 2011 this was forked to become osxfuse, later renamed FUSE for macOS.

[Source: The Register]