September 21, 2014

Why I Love Linux — Even If I No Longer Use It

That Netflix is coming to desktop Linux soon is great news. Considering the OS only holds about 1.6 percent of overall desktop marketshare, it's an important moment for those who use Linux in their home lives that Netflix's engineers are even exploring the idea. It's not like they had to, right?

Thinking about this, I remembered how much I loved (and still love) Linux. And I had to reminisce. I remember being a pimply high school kid circa 2002 and configuring Gentoo Linux by hand â kernel and all â onto my little beige eMachines computer, losing days of actual productivity in the process. And loving it. I remember diving into forums and arguing, however ineptly, over the merits of KDE over Gnome. I remember never quite mastering the...

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What Linux distro do you use everyday?
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