March 17, 2015

Why the Redis Ecosystem is Flourishing

The in-memory, key-value data store Redis continues to consolidate its market position as more applications seek to use the open source project as a data structure server for on-the-spot, real-time application processing.

Cloud hosting infrastructure provider Rackspace is seeing a particularly strong upsurge at present, according to Matthew Barker, product manager at Rackspace, who says that “it is growing rapidly as customers rip and replace Memcached and the proliferation of real-time applications grows.” Earlier this month, Rackspace hosted RedisConf 2015 in San Franciso at the Palace of Fine Arts. About 250 people attended the conference.

Rackspace’s perspective represents a trend observable across the database market. Database ranking website DB-Engines ranked Redis as the 10th most popular database management system in March, up from the 13th position a year ago.

DB-Engines ranking of Redis

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