October 27, 2003

Windows Vulnerability Could Lead To MSBlaster II

Exploit code that takes advantage of a recent Microsoft vulnerability is out in the wild and could prove as dangerous as this summer's MSBlaster worm if attackers decide to focus their efforts, security analysts said Friday.

Released earlier this week, the exploit code -- which has been crafted to run not only on attackers' Windows machines, but also on Linux and Unix boxes --crashes Windows systems not patched against a vulnerability released last week.

The vulnerability, which Microsoft rated as 'Critical' when it released several bulletins in its first-ever monthly patch roundup, is in the Windows Messenger Service. Not to be confused with Windows Messenger, Microsoft's instant messaging platform, Windows Messenger Service is used by applications to communicate with each other, and often by enterprise network administrators to alert users of such things as impending server shutdowns or the unavailability of print servers.

Link: cmpnetasia.com


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