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Docker, Containerd & Standalone Runtimes — Here’s What You Should Know

Docker is a powerful tool, however learning how to use it in the right way could take a long time especially with the rapidly growing ecosystem of containers which could be confusing, that is why I had the idea to publish Painless Docker. Through this book, the reader will learn and master Docker...
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Docker containerd Ups the Open Source Container Management Ante

Enterprise container users may see improved Docker container management tools in the cloud once the Docker containerd utility is open sourced next quarter. Access to Docker containerd, which includes methods to transfer container images, container execution and supervision, low-level local storage...
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Docker Open Sources Critical Infrastructure Component

Docker announced today that it was open sourcing containerd (pronounced Container D), making a key infrastructure piece of its container platform available for anyone to work on. Containerd, which acts as the core container runtime engine, is a component within Docker that provides “users with an...
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