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China Adopts Cybersecurity Law in Face of Overseas Opposition

China adopted a controversial cyber security law on Monday to counter what Beijing says are growing threats such as hacking and terrorism, but the law triggered concerns among foreign business and rights groups. The legislation, passed by China's largely rubber-stamp parliament and set to take...
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The H Factor – Why You Should Be Building “Human Firewalls”

It is often the illusive “H Factor” – the human element – that ends up being the weakest link that makes cyber-attacks and data breaches possible, sometimes even more so than hackers exploiting zero-day system vulnerabilities or employing new malware.  According to the 2016 Verizon DBIR, human...
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Linux.Lady Trojan Turns Linux Servers into Bitcoin Miners

A NEW TROJAN targeting Linux servers has been discovered in the wild, exploiting servers running the Redis NoSQL database to use them for bitcoin mining. Up to 30,000 Redis servers may be vulnerable, largely because careless systems administrators have put them online without setting a password....
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DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Ends With Mayhem

DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge pitted machine against machine in an effort to find the best in autonomous computer security. In the end, Mayhem was the big winner. After three years of planning and lead-up contests, the finals of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Cyber Grand Challenge...
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Most Companies Still Can't Spot Incoming Cyberattacks

Four out of five businesses lack the required infrastructure or security professionals with relevant skills to spot and defend against incoming cyberattacks. According to a new report by US cybersecurity and privacy think tank Ponemon Institute on behalf of cybersecurity firm BrandProtect, 79...
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