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ZorinOS offers its own desktop, and this remarkable interface makes ZorinOS a great choice for new users, old users, and everything in-between.

ZorinOS Is a Great Linux Desktop For Any User

If there is one flavor of Linux that is best suited to help users transition from their current platform to Linux, I would have to go with ZorinOS. This conclusion might surprise a good number of Linux faithful. Why? Unlike most of the distributions claiming to hold sway of the “universal use,”...
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Installing Linux on your PC Is Super Easy - Here's How to Do It

The Manjaro Linux developers announced the release of version 17.0.5 last week. My objective today is to use this release to show that Linux can be installed from scratch, configured and used for everyday work without using command line (text console) access, and without having to download, compile...
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Antivirus tool
Whether you need an antivirus or anti-malware scanner or a tool to hunt for rootkits, Linux has you covered.

Security Tools to Check for Viruses and Malware on Linux

Wait, Linux needs antivirus and anti-malware solutions? I thought it was immune to such things. Perhaps a bit of clarification is necessary here. First and foremost, no operating system is 100 percent immune to attack. Whether a machine is online or offline, it can fall victim to malicious code....
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Solus OS
The Solus 3 Linux distribution makes the transition from any other platform a breeze, says Jack Wallen in this review.

Solus 3 Brings Maturity and Performance to Budgie

Back in 2016, the Solus developers announced they were switching their operating system over to a rolling release. Solus 3 marks the third iteration since that announcement and, in such a short time, the Solus platform has come a long way. But for many, Solus 3 would be a first look into this...
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Hands On: Keeping a Very Old Laptop Useful with Linux

My Lenovo T400 was already old when I bought it as a refurb four years ago. It's still ticking along nicely with a variety of Linux distributions. Here are the details.. About four years ago (Nov 2013) I bought a used, refurbished Lenovo T400laptop computer and docking station. It was already about...
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Nitrux Linux uses Systemback for installation; learn more in this review from Jack Wallen.

The Beautiful Nitrux Linux Distro Could Be a Contender

What happens when you take Ubuntu 17.10, a new desktop interface (one that overlays on top of KDE), snap packages, and roll them all up into a pseudo rolling release? You get Nitrux. At first blush, this particular Linux distribution seems more of an experiment than anything else — to show how much...
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All the Facts about Linux Long-Term Support Releases

Long Term Support (LTS) releases are as old as software. However, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, was the first to use the term, and now other open source projects, including the Linux kernel and many distributions, distinguish between LTS, regular, and rolling releases, each of which has...
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Maneuvering Around Run Levels on Linux

On Linux systems, run levels are operational levels that describe the state of the system with respect to what services are available. One run level is restrictive and used only for maintenance; network connections will not be operational, but admins can log in through a console connection. Others...
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Linux kernel 4.13
Check out the highlights of the new Linux kernel 4.13, just released by Linus Torvalds.

Linux Kernel 4.13: Don't Use SMB1

Linus Torvalds pushed out version 4.13 of the Linux Kernel on Sunday, right on schedule and almost exactly two months after 4.12. Among all the changes, Torvalds highlights the one concerning the implementation of the SMB protocol in the kernel: The CIFS behavior in kernel 4.13 defaults to SMB3 as...
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Greg Kroah-Hartman: The Commander-in-Chief of the Linux Stable Branch

In the sometimes-contentious Linux Kernel developer community, the gentle giant of a man Greg Kroah-Hartman is the friendliest face. When you plug a device into a Linux system and it works out of the box, the credit goes to Kroah-Hartman. He travels around the globe, talking to hardware vendors to...
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