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Why You Should Care About Diversity and Inclusion

Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Atlassian, joins us in this latest edition of The New Stack Makers podcast to talk about the difference between diversity and inclusion and why anyone should care. “Diversity is being invited to the party,” she said. “Inclusion is being glad...
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Linux Foundation Continues to Emphasize Diversity and Inclusiveness at Events

This has been a pivotal year for Linux Foundation events. Our largest gatherings, which include Open Source Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, Open Networking Summit, and Cloud Foundry Summit, attracted a combined 25,000 people from 4,500 different organizations globally....
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Tech Ageism and the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’

A majority of workers over 30 are worried about losing their jobs because of the ageism in tech, according to a recent report from Visier, an employee data analytics company. It pulled HR data from over 100 enterprise companies and mining the data to obtain answers to workforce questions and the...
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Why the Open Source Community Needs a Diverse Supply Chain

At this year's Opensource.com Community Moderator's meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst made a comment that stuck with me. "Open source's supply chain is source code," he said, "and the people making up that supply chain aren't very diverse." Diversity and inclusivity in...
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Beat the Biggest Threat to the Open Organization: Bias

Bias is the single greatest threat to the open organization. This is no exaggeration. In traditional organizations, responsibilities for evaluating ideas, strategies, contributions—even people—typically fall on (presumably) trained managers. In open organizations, that responsibility rests with...
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Chasing Grace: A New Documentary Series about Women in Tech

After hearing several women in tech, smart women with bright futures, talk about leaving their jobs, Jennifer Cloer, Founder/Lead Consultant, reTHINKitPR, decided to launch the “Chasing Grace Project,” a six-episode documentary series about women in tech. The trailer debuted at the recent Linux...
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Diversity Empowerment Summit
Rupa Dachere, shown here speaking at Diversity Empowerment Summit, created Codechix, which is dedicated to the education, advocacy, and mentoring of women engineers in industry and academia. (Image: Open SourceCraft)

What You Missed at the Diversity Empowerment Summit

"If you're not being actively inclusive then you're being exclusive," said Swarna Podila at the Diversity Empowerment Summit, a day of talks on increasing diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in the open source community. The event took place at Open Source Summit in Los Angeles and was produced...
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The Eye-Opening Power of Cultural Difference

Inclusivity is the quality of an open organization that allows and encourages people to join the organization and feel a connection to it. Practices aimed at enhancing inclusivity are typically those that welcome new participants to the organization and create an environment that makes them want to...
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Diversity Empowerment Summit Features Stories from Individual Persistence to Industry-wide Change

Last week at The Linux Foundation’s first Diversity Empowerment Summit we heard from so many amazing speakers about how they are working to improve diversity in the tech industry. Leaders from companies including Comcast, DreamWorks, IBM, Rancher Labs, Red Hat and many others recounted their own...
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Teaching Kids Coding, by the Book

Over the past five years, some 40,000 girls have learned to code through the Girls Who Code’s summer camps and afterschool programs. But Ms. Saujani wanted to expand the group’s reach, and was looking for new ways to recruit girls into the tech industry. For a tech evangelist, her solution was...
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