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Konstantin Ryabitsev shows how to use VPNs and Firejail to protect your Internet traffic and how to test whether your setup is sufficiently secure.

How and Why to Secure Your Linux System with VPN and Firejail

We have previously discussed VPNs and Firejail here on Linux.com, but here’s a quick refresher to help you remember why you would want to use these tools: VPNs help protect your Internet traffic from prying eyes -- such as those of your ISP, the wi-fi provider you happen to be using, or any...
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Learn how to install and use Firejail for an additional level of security.

Lock Up Your Untrusted Applications in Firejail

Although the Linux kernel is a highly secure layer in the ecosystem, the same cannot be said of every application that runs atop it. You might have an in-house application that has not been vetted for security (yet must be used), you might have found an app on a third-party download site, or you...
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