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GitLab v10 Integrates with Kubernetes

“This GitLab release provides capabilities to fully embrace the benefits of DevOps — specifically CI/CD and Kubernetes based application development,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab. The sector is increasingly adopting cloud-native capabilities utilizing the Kubernetes open source container...
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Postmortem of GitLab Database Outage of January 31

On January 31st 2017, we experienced a major service outage for one of our products, the online service GitLab.com. The outage was caused by an accidental removal of data from our primary database server. This incident caused the GitLab.com service to be unavailable for many hours. We also lost...
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GitLab Data Loss Incident Prompts a Review of its Restore Processes

A short outage this week on the GitLab hosted code service struck a combination of fear and sympathy across the tech community and offered a sharp reminder of the importance of testing your backups again and again (and again). On Tuesday, a GitLab administrator had accidentally erased a directory...
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GitLab Container Registry

Yesterday we released GitLab 8.8, super powering GitLab's built-in continuous integration. With it, you can build a pipeline in GitLab, visualizing your builds, tests, deploys and any other stage of the life cycle of your software. Today (and already in GitLab 8.8), we're releasing the next step:...
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