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Blockchain for Good Hackathon, September 30 and October 1

When is it on? The Blockchain for Good Hackathon takes place Saturday, 30 September and Sunday, 1 October. Full agenda can be found here. How many years has it been going? This is the inaugural event. What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2017 version? Participating developers...
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Blockchain for Good Hackathon

Exploring ​Identity ​and ​Sustainable ​Supply ​Chain ​Challenges ​and ​Opportunities, ​brought ​to ​you ​by ​Accenture ​and ​Hyperledger Digital ​identity ​and ​sustainable ​supply ​chain ​are ​two ​of ​the ​hottest ​blockchain ​application ​areas. ​Accenture ​and ​Hyperledger ​are ​delighted ​to ​...
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Open Source Summit
Open Source Summit NA — Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles — is host to several co-located events that provide even more opportunities for collaboration and learning.

Open Source Summit: It’s Bigger on the Inside, with Workshops, Hackathon, Security Summit, and More

The upcoming Open Source Summit NA — Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles — offers many exciting keynote presentations and technical talks covering a wide array of topics, including cloud computing, containers, networking, diversity, and more. And, it’s also host to several co-located events that provide...
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