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IBM's Plan to Encrypt Unthinkable Amounts of Sensitive Data

DATA BREACHES AND exposures all invite the same lament: if only the compromised data had been encrypted. Bad guys can only do so much with exfiltrated data, after all, if they can't read any of it. Now, IBM says it has a way to encrypt every level of a network, from applications to local databases...
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Quantum Computing in the Enterprise: Not So Wild a Dream

We discussed these trends with David Schatsky, of the Deloitte University think tank, who has recently written on the state of quantum, and pressed him to predict quantum computing’s next important milestone toward commercial viability. Such is the elusive nature of the technology, and in the...
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FD.io: Breaking the Terabit Barrier!

 At launch, FD.io’s VPP technology could route/switch at half a Terabit per second at multimillion fib entry scales.  Close examination of the bottlenecks revealed that it was being limited by the ability of the PCI bus to deliver packets from the NIC to the CPU.  VPP had headroom to do more, but...
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Linux Owns Supercomputing

The US is falling behind in the supercomputer race, but no matter where a supercomputer is running, one thing remains true: It's running Linux. In the latest Top500 Supercomputer competition, which was revealed in June 2017, 498 out of 500 supercomputers were running Linux. Of the remaining two,...
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U.S. Slips in New Top500 Supercomputer Ranking

In June, we can look forward to two things: the Belmont Stakes and the first of the twice-yearly TOP500 rankings of supercomputers. This month, a well-known gray and black colt named Tapwrit came in first at Belmont, and a well-known gray and black supercomputer named Sunway TaihuLight came in...
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The Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science and data analytics: people working in the tech field or other related industries probably hear these terms all the time, often interchangeably. However, although they may sound similar, the terms are often quite different and have differing implications for business. Knowing how to use...
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AI frontier
At leading companies in the technology sector, AI is a huge priority, and many of these companies are open sourcing important tools.

Open Source and the Artificial Intelligence Frontier

The open source arena continues to rapidly converge with the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Not only are technology industry titans contributing meaningful tools to the community, but international players and billionaires are making contributions. Meanwhile, some of our smartest people are...
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ARM’s New Processors Are Designed to Power the Machine-Learning Machines

On the eve of Computex, Taiwan’s big showpiece event where PC makers roll out the latest and best implementations of Intel CPUs, mobile rival ARM is announcing its own big news with the unveiling of a new generation of ARM CPUs and GPUs. Official today, the ARM Cortex-A75 is the new flagship-tier...
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Atomic Rules
New Linux Foundation member Atomic Rules recently released Arkville, a high-throughput conduit specifically designed for accelerating and empowering DPDK.

The Companies That Support Linux and Open Source: Atomic Rules

Atomic Rules has been providing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design services and interconnection network solutions since 2008. In April, they joined The Linux Foundation to further their commitment to open source and to support and participate in the DPDK project, which provides a...
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Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing

Quantum computers have long held the promise of performing certain calculations that are impossible—or at least, entirely impractical—for even the most powerful conventional computers to perform. Now, researchers at a Google laboratory in Goleta, Calif., may finally be on the cusp of proving it,...
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