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Google Reveals a Powerful New AI Chip and Supercomputer

At the company’s annual developer conference today, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new computer processor designed to perform the kind of machine learning that has taken the industry by storm in recent years (see “10 Breakthrough Technologies: Deep Learning”). The announcement reflects how rapidly...
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Faster Machine Learning Is Coming to the Linux Kernel

It's been a long time in the works, but a memory management feature intended to give machine learning or other GPU-powered applications a major performance boost is close to making it into one of the next revisions of the kernel. Heterogenous memory management (HMM) allows a device’s driver to...
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MapD Open Sources GPU-Powered Database

Since starting work on MapD more than five years ago while taking a database course at MIT, I had always dreamed of making the project open source. It is thus with great pleasure to announce that today our company is open sourcing the MapD Core database and associated visualization libraries,...
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Making Chips Smarter

It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have advanced radically over the last decade, yet somewhere between better algorithms and faster processors lies the increasingly important task of engineering systems for maximum performance—and producing better results. The...
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Learn why developers attend ApacheCon year after year and how they continue to benefit long after they’ve returned home.

3 Developers Explain Why They Attend ApacheCon

ApacheCon North America is right around the corner. Everyone is looking forward to this year’s event May 16-18 in Miami. There’s plenty new to see, hear, and do this year but that’s not the only attraction for developers. The annual conference of The Apache Software Foundation is where users and...
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Apache: Big Data
Learn more about NEXmark, a unified framework to evaluate Big Data and processing systems with Apache Beam at Apache: Big Data, coming up May 16-18 in Miami.

NEXmark: A Benchmarking Framework for Processing Data Streams

ApacheCon North America is only a few weeks away -- happening May 16-18  in Miami. This year, it’s particularly exciting because ApacheCon will be a little different in how it’s set up to showcase the wide variety of Apache topics, technologies, and communities. Apache: Big Data is part of the...
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Cloud Computing Continues to Influence HPC

Traditionally, HPC applications have been run on special-purpose hardware, managed by staff with specialized skills. Additionally, most HPC software stacks are rigid and distinct from other more widely adopted environments, and require a special skillset by the researchers that want to run the...
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The Future of Big Data: Distilling Less Knowledge Per Bit

Until recently, the word data didn’t require a modifier. But we passed a watershed moment when we started referring to big data. Apparently, that wasn’t a sufficient description for some chunks of data, because people grasped for bolder terms, such as humongous data. Sadly, now, it appears that we...
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OpenStack for Research Computing

In this video from Switzerland HPC Conference, Stig Telfer from StackHPC presents: OpenStack for Research Computing. OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives...
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Google’s New Chip Is a Stepping Stone to Quantum Computing Supremacy

John Martinis has given himself just a few months to reach a milestone in the history of computing. He’s leader of the Google research group working on building astonishingly powerful computer chips that manipulate data using the quirks of quantum physics. By the end of this year, Martinis says,...
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